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Dish Network retention: Saved $15/month for the next year!

In this environment, it is smart to minimize expenses as much as possible, and one place ripe for cuts is the cable TV bill. While the argument could be made that you don’t need cable at all, many of us wish to keep the luxury of cable and would just like to knock a few bucks off the price. This is pretty easy to do; all you have to do is ask the right person the right way.

All you have to do is work your money-saving magic through the Retentions Department. They won’t send you there if you just ask for it by name, so you have to threaten to cancel to get there and get the best deals. I called Dish Network retentions today, and my call went something like this:

BillyOceansEleven: Hi, I would like to cancel my service.

DishNetwork: I’m sorry to hear that and I see you’ve been with us for two years. May I ask why you want to cancel?

BOE: Well, money is tight so I am shopping around my service and I can get a programming package similar to my current one over at DirecTV for $29.99 a month, which is considerable less than the $44.99 before tax I’m paying you guys now.

DN: Give me a second to review your account…Okay, I can offer you a $15.00 bill credit for each of the next 12 months, which will bring your price before tax to $29.99.

BOE: Well, that would put me at the same cost as DirecTV, so let’s do that.

DN: Okay, give me a few minutes to update your account.

DN: Okay, I have added the discount to your account and you should see the first credit on your next statement. Thank you for choosing Dish Network. Goodbye.

Total time spent including navigating the phone tree to get to retentions was 3 minutes 48 seconds and total savings is $180 over the course of a year. Not too shabby!

A few pointers:

  • Be absolute in your comments. Don’t say “I’m thinking about canceling.” Say “I would like to cancel.” This lets them know you mean business.
  • Comparison shop and be prepared to present them will the best deal out there. Give them a reason to adjust the bill. “I think my bill is too high” is less effective than “I can switch to DirecTV and get this service for $29.99”.
  • Give them some idea of what it would take to make you happy. If you simply want to lower your bill, focus on a competitor offer for the same service for less. If you really want more channels at the same price, present them with a competitor’s service offering around your current price.
  • Remember that you have the most leverage when you are no longer contract. If you are under contract you probably won’t get much since they know you’ll have to pay the early termination fee if you really do cancel.

6 comments to Dish Network retention: Saved $15/month for the next year!

  • I did this with my AT&T internet service. I was paying $34.99 a month for their fastest DSL (it was the only internet I can get in my apartment). I called them up and stated that Comcast is offering their cable internet for $19.99. They told me they could downgrade my speed to the slowest for that price. I then told them that Comcasts’ speed was 3 times faster then AT&T’s fastest which I was already paying for and I wanted to cancel. They offered to lower my bill to $23.99 a month for me. I accepted. Took about 10 minutes!

  • Tori

    Just talked to Dish Network and they have me raging mad! They said with 14 Mil customers they no longer have the need to offer credits on their bills to existing customers. That is just a slap in the face! To tell me I am not worth keeping as a customer, to offer a discounted rate. Sure they can upgrade my DVR for free, but that is crap to me!

  • Poofticus

    I just tried to lower my bill as well with Dish Network, and I told them that I could get the same programming with Direct TV for about 20 bucks less. They didn’t try very hard to save me, offering $5 off for 6 months. I went ahead and proceeded with my cancellation… my wife is gonna kill me! We have a ton of kid shows that my little boy loves to watch on our DVR. My hope is that they call me to try to save the account.

  • Poofticus

    cont’d… Called again about 15 minutes later and told the guy I’d be happy to stay if we even got 10 or 15 off for the next year. Put me on hold, came back
    (I’m sure he read the notes!) and said the best he could do was $5 for the next year.

    So I’m making about 6 months progress per call. I’ll try one more time in a few minutes!

  • Poofticus

    Success! The third time was the charm. I said, “I’ve tried calling a couple times to see if we could even get CLOSER to the deal I’d be getting with Direct TV. You can see in the notes i”ve been offered $5 off of 12, but I want to try one last time to see if we can get that up to $10 off of 12, and if so, I’d be happy to stay.”

    Put on hold and it worked! My brother who works at Direct TV told me that each customer has a loyalty rating that rates how “good” a customer they are (IE how long they’ve been with them, how many payment problems they’ve had, how many issues they’ve called about, etc). My rating was good enough, I guess.

  • This is a great idea. Thanks for sharing those knowledge. I will definitely check it out.

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